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I'm so excited you won't believe it xD
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Okay, here is the art I made as a pinch-hitter for the wonderful fic "Birds of Passage" by [ profile] neotoma for the Gabriel Big Bang.

Link to story: Birds of Passage

It's a crossover with Jericho and even if you don't really know the series (it's that case with me) this story is seriously awesome! :D So go read it as soon as it is online xD

Art under the cut )
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Title: in the name of the father
Author: [ profile] cashay
Artist: [ profile] strawberrydemon
Genre/Pairing: slash, angst, h/c | Gabriel/Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~15 796
Warnings/Spoilers: torture, implied rape, angst, angelcest, abduction, dark!fic, possible stockholm syndrom | spoilers up to 5.19

Masterpost of the awesome art [ profile] strawberrydemon has done: Art Masterpost

Summary: Gabriel and Lucifer have changed since they both left heaven. But neither of them will ever change enough to forget or forgive the pain they have inflicted on each other. As Lucifer takes Gabriel captive Gabriel has to face the new Lucifer and his desire to make him loyal to him once again and this time forever.

Chapter Links & A/N under the cut! )

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So here we go,
I made a ticker I will maybe update regularily with my progress that is not so big as you can see^^"


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