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Title: Dies Irae
Author: [ profile] cashay
Artist: [ profile] reapertownusa
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Michael/Lucifer/Chuck
Rating: R
Warning: threesome (including sex), non-graphic torture
Word Count: 26.880
When Chuck finds two archangels on his living room floor he hopes more than anything that they are just drunken hallucinations. But Michael and Lucifer are very real and very pissed. As a second chance from God they got freed from the Cage, but they are rendered powerless and bound to Chuck who is less than happy about his newest responsibility.

They slowly fall into a routine and Lucifer and Michael actually seem to be able to get along - as long as Chuck is in the room. But there are already powers in Heaven who are less than happy about the two archangels who were supposed to bring about the apocalypse turning domestic.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

Art Masterpost: amazing art at reapertownusa's journal

Author's Note under the cut :) )
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Title: to make them die or life in sorrow
Author: [ profile] cashay
Artist: [ profile] viviantanner
Pairing and/or Characters: Crowley/Lucifer, Crowley/Castiel, mentions of Crowley/Lilith
Word Count: 20.678
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: violence, torture, blasphemy, dark!fic, character death (no main character)
Disclaimer: I won nothing yadda yadda
Summary: Crowley wasn't always a Demon, in fact he never was. A long time ago Crowley was an Angel of the Lord known under the name Adnarel. Following Lucifer, his mate, he fought at his side against the Host and led the Armies of Hell. Until Lucifer had no longer any use for him.
Betrayed by Lucifer and abandoned by the Host Adnarel finds himself falling in the world of men. But he finds something else to believe in – himself. Something between Heaven and Hell Adnarel gives up his name and his past for revenge. Lucifer and the Host would pay and he would rise above them all as the King of Hell.
At least that was the plan, which worked perfectly well until he met Castiel.

Art Masterpost: Art at Vivian's Journal!

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

A gigantic THANK YOU! for [ profile] disturbinglynic for hosting this challenge with me. It was incredibly much fun and I can't wait til next year :D Working with you was awesome sweetie, you are the best!
And another huge thanks for [ profile] meh_forget_it for the great beta work and the comments on my fic. You totally have to write that Crowley/Sam fic now :P
And of course also a thank you to my artist [ profile] viviantanner and all the other amazing people who decided to take part in this challenge and by that making it possible.
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Done for [ profile] crossbigbang
Author[ profile] meh_forget_it 
Artist: [ profile] cashay 
Pairing: Loki (Gabriel)/Veles (Harry)
Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter

Link to Masterpost: The White Rose (Painted Red)

A/N: A big thank you to [ profile] meh_forget_it for writing thise amazing sequel to an awesome story xD I really loved to do art for this it was much fun even though my art somehow ended up being a bit angsty.
Huge thanks to T. who helped me with Harry's annoying hair in one of the pictures and was a great art beta =)

Art is under the cut =) )
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Title: the fallen of the war
Author: [ profile] cashay
Artist: [ profile] reapertownusa 
war, slash | John/Gabriel
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~15 291
Warnings/Spoilers: war, violence, slash, crude language

Masterpost of the awesome art [ profile] reapertownusa  has done: art

Summary: In Vietnam John is first confronted with violence and death. But he also meets good friends, especially in the Sergeant Gabriel Muck who takes him under his wings. But war is an ugly thing and John soon learns that the hard way.

Part 1 | Part 2
A/N: Dedicated to [ profile] kijikun, without her I would have never thought of John/Gabriel. Big thanks also to [ profile] disturbinglynic for posting this while I'm away and general cheerleading and [ profile] meh_forget_it for the amazing Beta. And [ profile] rozabellalove because she's awesome!
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Okay, here is the art I made as a pinch-hitter for the wonderful fic "Birds of Passage" by [ profile] neotoma for the Gabriel Big Bang.

Link to story: Birds of Passage

It's a crossover with Jericho and even if you don't really know the series (it's that case with me) this story is seriously awesome! :D So go read it as soon as it is online xD

Art under the cut )
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Title: in the name of the father
Author: [ profile] cashay
Artist: [ profile] strawberrydemon
Genre/Pairing: slash, angst, h/c | Gabriel/Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~15 796
Warnings/Spoilers: torture, implied rape, angst, angelcest, abduction, dark!fic, possible stockholm syndrom | spoilers up to 5.19

Masterpost of the awesome art [ profile] strawberrydemon has done: Art Masterpost

Summary: Gabriel and Lucifer have changed since they both left heaven. But neither of them will ever change enough to forget or forgive the pain they have inflicted on each other. As Lucifer takes Gabriel captive Gabriel has to face the new Lucifer and his desire to make him loyal to him once again and this time forever.

Chapter Links & A/N under the cut! )


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