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Title: hallway talk
Author: [ profile] cashay
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Wordcount: 5.361 words
Pairing: Jensen/Brock
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: underage sex (Brock is 17), light D/s, light bondage, teacher/student relationship, smut with some plot
Disclaimer: I own nothing & no one. This is a work of fiction and no part of it resembles the truth in any way.
After hearing Brock talk about the things he wants to do to him Jensen tries to avoid his student which in the end leads to the confrontation he had tried to avoid and the carrying out of Brock's fantasies with a little twist.

For [ profile] siiy who won my auction over at [ profile] fandomaid and asked for Jensen/Brock smut. I hope you enjoy it, it turned out a bit longer than planned ;)

"... then I'd bend him over the desk and fuck him."

Jensen froze as he heard the voices in front of the store room. He had been looking for some old books that someone had been stupid enough to just put in here without caring that they were old and precious.

"Oh c'mon seriously Brock? I mean for all we know Ackles is still a virgin, just look how he's walking around."

Jensen recognized the voice as one of the other students from his history class, if he wasn't mistaken it was Mark or something like that, he wasn't good with name. Well he knew who Brock was but that wasn't hard, the boy was gorgeous.

"That would be even better I mean taking the virginity of your history teacher would be awesome wouldn't it?" Brock sounded like he was very much enjoying what he was imagining.

It was hard for Jensen not to snort but he contained himself, not wanting to give away that he was listening in. He was very much not a virgin, he might run around rather geeky in school but he couldn't really run around in leather pants could he? And besides those clothes were really comfortable.

He hadn't been a virgin since he had been 21. Which wasn't all that early but there just weren't that many gay bars in the provincial towns of Texas.

"Yeah right Brock, so you would just bend Ackles over the desk and fuck him?"

Brock snorted and his voice seemed to drift a bit closer like he was leaning against the door. For a moment Jensen was terrified that they knew that he was in here and were having a joke with him but no one opened the door. And besides he had heard Brock trying to lie about assignments, he sucked at it.

Which reminded Jensen that sucking really was the wrong thing to think about in school.

"Of course not." Brock sounded outright offended. "First I would kiss him crazy, then I'd take that stupid tie of his and tie his hands behind his back. The I'd give him the blowjob of his life while he'd be splayed out on the desk and helpless and..."

"Dude! Dude TMI seriously, I didn't need to know that!"

Jensen found himself disappointed when Mark interrupted Brock, for his taste that hadn't been too much information, not even coming close. Rather he wanted Brock to continue and tell him more about the nice ideas he had in that good looking head of his.

His cock was definitely taking a lot of interest in what was being said, especially the thing about Brock giving him head. It wasn't hard to imagine the boy on his knees his lips were practically made for it.

"You asked for it douchebag and besides, isn't as if you never watched gayporn or gave head." Brock grumbled apparently as unhappy about having to stop talking as Jensen was. Somehow that just made Jensen's cock twitch more.

"Yeah but that doesn't mean I wanna hear my best friend fantasize about screwing my teacher. Seriously how am I even supposed to look him in the eyes again - or you for that matter."

At that moment the bell rang, announcing the end of the break and Brock and Mark were leaving their place at the store room, now bickering about what a guy should tell his best friend and what not.

Jensen was glad he had no class now because he would be screwed, or rather not screwed - sadly. He groaned slightly as he touched his aching hard-on, rubbing it slightly through his jeans. There was a lot he had to think about, after he had taken care of this.


Two weeks had gone by since Jensen had heard Brock and Mark talk through the door of the store room. He had done his best to forget about it, if it was meant as a joke and he approached Brock about it he could get fired and taken apart in court.

He had avoided being alone with Brock which had frustrated the young man apparently since he was glaring at Jensen every time their eyes locked. Jensen felt vaguely guilty since Brock had always been one of the kids who had taken on extra work and stayed behind to discuss with him despite the fact that he was very popular and popular people normally ignored history like it was poisonous.

But since the essay that Brock had handed in had been one big F Jensen was now forced to talk alone to the boy, to find out what the hell happened for him to do so badly on an assignment. Sometimes Brock forgot, sure, but if he handed something in it was always an A, he really put a lot of effort into history.

Jensen just couldn't allow one of his best students to plumb down like this even if it meant having to talk with him alone. That history was the last period both of them had for the day really wasn't helping and he also didn't want to think about how the hell he knew that.

“Mr. Kelly, I need to talk to you after class.” he announced at the beginning of the lesson.

Brock grumbled something that Jensen didn't understand but took as a yes, mostly because he didn't want to get in a fight with the boy in front of the entire class.

Thankfully Brock did stay, despite his grumpiness and the bad behavior he nowadays tended to display in Jensen's class. Not wanting to discuss the matter with the rest of the students still present Jensen waited til they were alone and motioned for Brock to close the door.

The younger man did that but instead of sitting down across from Jensen he stayed at the door, leaning against it with his arms defensively crossed in front of him. He was pretty close to bolting, that much was obvious.

“Mr. Kelly, Brock, you failed your last assignment and your participation in class is worse than bad. Now I know you are a good student, you have proved this in the past. Is there anything troubling you? Any reason for this sudden fall in grades?”

Brock looked like he was backed in a corner, well that and slightly pissed off. Jensen wasn't really sure which worried him more.

“It's not like you care. Or did I just imagine my history teacher avoiding me?” Brock snapped, taking a threatening step towards Jensen.

The teacher just hoped that his guilt wasn't too obviously written over his face. Of course he had avoided Brock, who wouldn't avoid a student that gave him a boner every time they even so much as slightly touched?

“I know we're in high school but I had hoped we could have this talk without behaving like it. I had quite enough drama today after Miss Jones emptied her coffee over Mr. Smith's lap for smiling at another girl before getting in a fist fight with said girl.”

Brock chuckled and Jensen was happy that he had been able to diffuse the situation a little bit. He was pretty sure the tale had already reached most of the school and would be the center of attention until the next big drama, which meant tomorrow.

“Now, why don't you sit down.” Jensen repeated and even though Brock still looked sullen he did as he was told.

“I take it you want to know why I have been avoiding you.” Jensen told Brock who looked a lot more interested now but again aggressive and defensive at the same time.

Just talking to him about it was probably the best approach, depending on his reactions Jensen could act like he had just wanted to make sure that Brock didn't try to get him into bed or he could bend the boy over the table and fuck him.

“Yeah.” Brock drawled his unease palpable.

Jensen took a deep breath, hoping that he wouldn't end up making things worse then they were. If Brock hadn't meant it he could end up being in a lot of trouble but hell, as long as he didn't do anything Brock didn't want...

Cutting his thoughts off before he could think himself into a panic attack Jensen blurted:”I heard you in front of the store room two weeks ago.”

All the color drained from Brock's face at Jensen's words. He leaned forward as if he wanted to bolt and escape the conversation but he stayed in his seat, hands clinging to his jeans in a desperate attempt to ground himself.

Jensen took in a harsh breath, his dick twitching at the image of Brock in front of him. His face was flushed and he was panting and... oh... Jensen's eyes had followed the delicious lines of Brock's body until they landed on his crotch. His cock was hard and straining against the tight fitting jeans, leaving not much to the imagination.

"I take it you meant what you said?" Jensen commented lightly, forcing his eyes away from Brock's crotch and up on his face again.

If possible the young man had become even more flushed and damn it Jensen just wanted to ravish those delicious lips. He stood up and walked around his desk, sitting down on top of it so god damn close to Brock but still not touching because he needed to be damn sure.

That didn't stop him from letting his legs fall open, displaying his own proud erection which was only slightly better hidden than Brock's.

"Brock, answer the question." he told him softly but with a hint of command lingering in his voice.

Brock's breath hitched slightly and a low moan escaped him, leaving him even more flushed and those delicious lips were practically begging Jensen to ravish them by now.

"Yeah..." the student whispered, averting his eyes from Jensen's face and focusing them more on Jensen's erection. Jensen's cock enjoyed the attention Brock was paying him.

"Tell me you want it. Tell me you want me to do all those nice little things you described to you." Jensen ordered, he needed to hear it, both to calm down the bad conscience that would surely surface once he was sated and had fucked Brock into next week and to make sure that he didn't make the biggest mistake in his life.

"God... yes please. Please fuck me. Please... please Mr. Ackles."

Brock was moaning like a god damn pornstar and that alone was enough to convince was little was left of Jensen's rationality that yes, Brock wanted this. The way he still called him Mr. Ackles send a very inappropriate shiver down his spine and he decided that as much as he liked the sound of it Brock needed to call him something else unless he wanted to have a boner in every advanced history lesson.

"Jensen." he corrected him gently, stepping forward until he was standing between Brock's open legs. "Call me Jensen, baby."

"Jensen." Brock breathed and looked up at him, as shy and unsure as only a horny teenager could look. Jensen just stood there, watching him and waiting for Brock to make the first move.

Hesitantly Brock reached forward after just starring at Jensen for a few minutes. He grabbed his belt loops and pulled Jensen forward until Jensen's knees were brushing against Brock's crotch and God that shouldn't be so hot. A soft moan escaped Jensen when Brock just pressed his face against Jensen's stomach.

He could feel the breath of the young man ghosting over his abs even through his shirt. If it was even possible the accepting posture with a hint of submission to whatever Jensen had in mind made him even harder.

Without thinking about it Jensen pulled Brock up by the back of his neck and turned them around so he could roughly push Brock against the table. He crowded in the other man's personal space, once more stepping between his deliciously opened legs.

Brock just looked at him, his lips parted as he panted, unconsciously rubbing himself against Jensen where Jensen's hip trapped Brock's against the desk. And if that wasn't the hottest thing in existence Jensen didn't know.

He pulled Brock closer with the hand he had still resting in the younger man's neck and kissed him like he had wanted to do the moment he had first laid eyes on him.

Brock's mouth opened immediately under his, allowing Jensen's tongue to enter it. Surprised but also pleased Jensen felt Brock's tongue press against his, hesitantly trying to take charge of the kiss. Not that Jensen let him, instead he angled the younger man's head backwards and just fucked his tongue in and out of Brock's pliable mouth, swallowing the needy moans until Brock was shaking and rutting against him.

A slight grin surfaced on his face but he didn't stop kissing Brock even though he changed pace, gently exploring the other man's mouth instead of just taking it. Brock jumped to the opportunity, playfully nipping at Jensen's lower lip and bumping against Jensen's tongue over and over again.

It was obvious that Brock had some practice in kissing but was used to be in charge, something that Jensen didn't feel like giving him today. He pulled back after Brock had managed to sneak into his mouth, fondly grinning down at the breathless teenager.

His eyes were glazed over and his lips swollen from being kissed thoroughly, his gaze was still focused on Jensen's lips and the teacher was sure that Brock would grab any chance at continuing what they had just been doing, but he had other plans.

One hand was still firmly holding Brock's neck while the other loosened his tie and pulled it off. "I'm gonna use that to tie your hands, you okay with that?"

He had no idea how much experience Brock has and as much as he just wanted to take he needed to make sure he wasn't the only one enjoying it. But if the enthusiastic nod was anything to go by Brock was on board as much as he was.

Wordlessly Brock held out his hands for Jensen but the teacher just shook his head and turned Brock around, grabbing his arms and securely tying his hands behind his back while he was grinding his erection against Brock's ass, making sure the younger man was fully aware of the effect he had on him.

Judging by the needy moan Brock enjoyed Jensen's hardness.

"Do not move." Jensen growled into Brock's ear, earning a jerky nod.

Trusting that Brock was going to do as he was told Jensen left to lock the door and draw the blinds. He wasn't going to take unnecessary risks, though some might argue fucking a student in school was one gigantic unnecessary risk, especially with someone who seemed to be as vocal as Brock.

When he came back Brock was shaking with the effort to stay still, especially in the uncomfortable position Jensen had left him in. Jensen felt a stab guilt but most of all pride for how hard Brock was trying to impress him.

“Good boy.” he murmured softly before turning him around once more.

The beaming smile Brock shot him took him aback, he was surprised that the teenager could still look so innocent with swollen lips, tied hands and a straining erection.

“So Brock, how about you give me that blowjob you were bragging about.”

A full body shudder went through Brock which made it hard for Jensen not to shudder too but he didn't want to loose his composure in front of Brock, at least not yet. Brock nodded eagerly, already going to his knees in front of Jensen.

Jensen let him, crowding Brock between himself and the desk. The younger man looked delicious the way he was kneeling with his legs spread, his lips open and panting, practically begging to suck Jensen off.

“You ever gave head before?” Jensen asked, his voice rough.

It was hard to keep in check but he didn't want to scare Brock of or hurt him, he needed to know how much experience he had, how careful he needed to be.

“Yes Jensen.” Brock confirmed with a shaky nod. “Two times.”

Jensen shuddered slightly, so Brock had experience, but not much, leaving him still close enough to a virgin to get Jensen even harder. He took his time pulling his cock out, leaving Brock licking his lips and squirming, his eyes completely focused on where Jensen's hand was working his own zipper open.

When he had his dick out Jensen gently pushed the tip against Brock's lips, waiting for him to open his pretty mouth. Brock seemed hesitant but his tongue darted out enthusiastic to swipe up precum. Slowly Brock pushed forward, taking the tip in his mouth, lazily swirling his tongue around it.

Jensen moaned softly, trying to encourage Brock while at the same time reminding himself that he had to stay quiet if he didn't want to get into trouble.

Thankfully Brock took more of him in his mouth before Jensen could start overthinking, again. The delicious warmth around his arousal left Jensen panting and bucking his hips without much thought.

Brock gagged and pulled back a bit, bringing Jensen back to reality and forcing his self-control online once more. Soothingly he petted Brock's soft hair, barely keeping himself from thrusting into the pliant mouth again when Brock took the encouragement and pressed his tongue against the vein at the underside of his penis while gradually taking more of him in.

“God Brock, your mouth...” Jensen moaned and gently pushed a bit more into the young man's mouth.

Brock froze, his tongue still pressing against Jensen's cock but he didn't gag or pull back, something that Jensen took as encouragement to shallowly thrust in and out of Brock's mouth.

A barely audible moan vibrated around his cock, making him buck forward once more, unable to hold back confronted with how delicious Brock looked with his lips stretched wide, cheek's flushed and eyes closed.

Jensen wasn't the only one enjoying this blowjob, the wet spot on the front of Brock's jeans was evidence of just how much Brock enjoyed giving head to his teacher.

Jensen allowed himself to enjoy the wet heat a few moments longer before he pulled out, chuckling at the disappointed whine Brock gave, stretching to follow Jensen with his mouth. But Jensen grabbed the back of his neck again, pulling him back.

“I'm gonna fuck you now Brock or is there anything else you want me to do to you first?” Jensen asked, looking down at a very desperate Brock.

“No, no just fuck me, please.” Brock keened and Jensen grinned, really enjoying the desperate tone of his voice, Brock on edge like this was wonderful.

“You've got a condom?”

Jensen didn't have one, it had never occurred to him to bring condoms to school though now he regretted it. But Brock apparently did since he nodded eagerly his eyes still glazed over with lust.

“My wallet, in my back pocket.”

Kneeling down Jensen took the opportunity to thoroughly fondle Brock's ass. He kneaded the firm flesh, reveling in the soft moans and whines that he elicited from his student. Brock ached into the touch, alternating between pressing back into Jensen's exploring hands and rubbing himself against Jensen's leg.

After he retrieved the wallet Jensen put it on the table before pulling Jensen up and turning him around once more so that his straining erection was again rubbing against the desk.

Without further preamble he opened Brock's jeans and pulled it below his waist, earning a strained moan when he freed Brock's erection. Jensen plastered his body against Brock's back, enjoying the pliant body he trapped.

One hand slowly jacked Brock, enjoying the little whines and moans he was making while the fingers of his other hand sneaked up and pressed against Brock's mouth.

“Lick them good and wet for me, there is no lub.” Jensen murmured into Brock's ear before gently biting it.

He felt kind of sorry for Brock because in his opinion spit as lub actually sucked a lot, but they didn't have anything else, Jensen didn't even carry a condom why the he hell should he bring lub to school? And he would probably end up exploding if they stopped that now just because of a little thing like lub.

Brock obeyed, taking Jensen's fingers into his mouth, sucking and wetting them with his tongue. Before he could restrain himself once more Jensen bucked against Brock, his god damn mouth once more driving him crazy. The boy was made for this.

When he decided that his fingers were wet enough and he would probably come in his pants if this didn't go to the next level soon he pulled them away, still mouthing at Brock's neck, sucking and biting, making sure to mark.

He pushed one finger inside, surprised how tight Brock was and already imagining how amazing it would feel to bury his cock in the tight heat. Brock went still and Jensen could feel him fighting the intrusion into his body but despite the discomfort the young man didn't say anything, the only thing giving him away was they way he was clenching around Jensen's finger.

Without thinking about it he starts murmuring soothing nonsense into Brock's ear, the kind you'd tell someone you loved during sex. He told Brock that it was going to be okay, that it would hurt but feel so good, that he was going to take care of him, that Brock didn't need to worry about anything, he was there, he would care for him.

It was stupid nonsense but it seemed to relax Brock and Jensen pushed further in, refraining from adding a second finger instead just moving the one already inside in the once again pliant body.

He added the second a few seconds later. Though he usually wasn't one for sweet talk Jensen found himself continuing to talk to Brock, soothing him and promising that he wouldn't be hurt, at least not too badly because well it just did hurt at first, but most people – Jensen included – found that part of the thrill.

By the time he had three fingers inside him and was stretching and scissoring his fingers Brock was moaning and begging again, especially since Jensen had found his prostate and had used the sensitive nerves to drive Brock crazy with need.

Brock was perfect like this, covered in sweat and panting, begging to be fucked because he needed to come so badly he would probably do anything Jensen wanted from him. Thankfully the only thing Jensen wanted was to fuck Brock.

“You ready?” he growled into the teenager's ear.

The question earned him an angry “I'm begging you to fuck me for hours get on with it God damn you!” which left him smiling. Brock was so eager, all spread out and pretty for Jensen to take.

He liked his partners vocal, he might not always do what they asked – teasing and drawing things out was way too much fun – but nothing was hotter than being begged by someone who was so hard he had no shame left.

Though right now Jensen really didn't feel like teasing anymore, he needed to be inside Brock and he needed it now. It took him a minute to open the condom, because yeah he wasn't only aroused as hell but also a bit nervous, the wrongness of fucking a student making everything just this bit sweeter.

Finally he had the damn condom on and could sink into the welcoming heat of Brock's ass. For a moment the younger man clamped down around him, a pained whimper escaping him, leaving Jensen only half inside him while he once more started to murmur reassurance into his ear, telling him to relax because in a minute it would feel so damn good.

It did take a few moments until Brock was relaxed enough to allow Jensen to slide fully inside but he didn't tense up a second time, mainly because Jensen took it slower this time, pressing forward inch by careful inch. But maybe part of it was also because of the reassurance Jensen was still giving.

Bottomed out Jensen stayed like this for a moment, giving Brock time to adjust and himself time to not come right there and then because Brock's ass was tight and fucking perfect and God it was so hard not to come right then and there.

When Jensen had finally gotten himself back under control he pushed Brock forwards until the upper part of the teenager's body was lying on the desk, his erection trapped between the surface and his belly in a way that was probably painful.

Without any further warning Jensen started fucking into Brock with hard, rough thrusts. The control he had so carefully held on to had told him to go and fuck himself, or rather go and fuck Brock.

Under him the teenager was making soft noises in his throat, little moans and whines that drove Jensen even crazier. It was amazing how tight Brock was around him, tight and hot and so God damn willing.

The fact that they are in school and someone could walk in at every moment was just another turn on for Jensen by then. He nearly wanted them to be found, wanted people to see that Brock was his, that Jensen was the one fucking him.

His thrusts grew uneven when Brock starts clenching around him, if it was on purpose or because his own orgasm was close Jensen didn't care either way. It felt good and it was so easy to just lose himself in that beautiful body beneath him.

His moans grew louder and so did Brock's, the teenager was now withering under him, desperately trying to get off but with his hands still tied there was not much he could do.

Jensen decided Brock looked delicious like this, spread out under him, impaled on Jensen's cock, trusting Jensen enough to let him take charge. The thought of how beautifully Brock was submitting to him more than anything else made Jensen come.

He leaned forward, biting hard into Brock's neck screaming his release into his student's skin.

Jensen stayed there for a moment, still deeply seated inside of Brock and wishing that there was no condom in the way, he wanted Brock to feel him inside even after this was over in more way than one. It took Brock once more starting to squirm for him to wake up from his post orgasmic haze, abandoning the thoughts of marking Bock with his cum – for now.

“Jensen. Jen... Please. Oh God please. I need to... I need... please.” Brock whined and Jensen just grinned, somehow proud that Brock hadn't come even if he hadn't told him not to.

He tried to pull out gently but Brock still winced, a hurt whine escaping with the pleading. The student went pliantly though when Jensen pulled him down to the ground with him and into his lap.

“Sh baby I'm gonna give you just what you need. Don't worry.” he murmured softly, his hand closing around Brock's cock.

It only took a few lazy strokes to have Brock aching his back and crying his release into the nape of Jensen's neck. With a wicked grin Jensen raised his hand, licking the stripes of cum from his hands watching with satisfaction as Brock's eyes got huge with renewed lust.

He continued until his whole hand was clean and the whole time Brock kept watching him like Jensen was the most beautiful and amazing thing to ever walk on this earth.

After that he dealt with the far less amazing task of getting the condom off but even that was worth it when he saw how pretty Brock blushed when his eyes once more locked on Jensen's cock.

“You like that sight?” he murmured with a slight grin, sneaking a possessive arm around Brock until he was holding the boy safely against his chest.

But Brock didn't answer, instead he turned and snuggled into Jensen, something that made Jensen's heart flutter more than it should because having a crush on your student because he was hot was bad enough, but actually having a crush because he was gorgeous in every aspect was even worse.

“Brock, you okay?” he asked, somehow a bit worried with the way Brock was practically hiding at his shoulder.

“This was my first time.” Brock mumbled, his voice barely audible form where he was hiding.

“Your first... oh... oh fuck.” Jensen babbled feeling the need to hit himself or something because he should have asked no mater how horny he had been. “You should've told me, I could've made it better for you.”

Brock chuckled, surprising Jensen when he turned his head and grinned up at him. “No you couldn't have made it better, this was perfect.”

Without thinking Jensen dipped his head to kiss Brock again, a lot calmed and gentler now. He was happy about the way Brock obediently opened up under him, their tongues lazily stroking along each other.

“How bout you spend the weekend at my place and I show you how much better I can make it?” he asked, prompting a needy moan from Brock when he pushed the digit of his middle finger into his slick hole.

“Sounds like a plan Mr. Ackles.” Brock replied, mischief plain on his face as he watched Jensen shudder and moan softly at the title.

Oh Jensen was going to make him pay for this...


9 month later...

Jensen came home only to be attacked by Brock who pulled him into a kiss and flung him around, ignoring the fact that Jensen was actually still bigger than him.

“I got in!” he yelled loud enough to make Jensen flinch.

With a little more force than necessary Jensen pulled away from Brock, looking at him for a moment before pulling him in for another kiss, for a moment ignoring whatever Brock had to say in favor of kissing his boyfriend after a long and exhausting day.

It did wonders to calm Brock down too.

“You were saying?” he drawled lazily and with a big grin when Brock slumped against Jensen.

“I got in Jensen.” Brock told him, sounding calmer but also a bit more unsure now. “Into the college that I wanted in. The one close to your new school. I don't even have to live in the dorms if I don't want to.”

Jensen decided that this was definitely a good enough message to justify Brock nearly destroying his ear drums. He laughed, without really knowing why but his heart felt lighter all of a sudden like a great burden had suddenly fallen away. And maybe he had been more worried about Brock leaving him once he got to college than he thought.

“I'm so proud of you baby, I can't wait to introduce you to my colleagues and friends, they're gonna love you.”

At the prospect of finally going public after not being able to tell anyone for nine month Brock's over enthusiastic, childish side was back and again he picked Jensen up and flung him around, ready to destroy any part of the house that was in the way of his happiness.

This time Jensen let him, he knew how much it meant to Brock that they were moving in together and Jensen was going to introduce him to all the old friends that still lived in the town where he had gone to college. Hell it meant a lot to him too.

And this next step definitely needed a lot of kinky sex to celebrate it. Thinking about it they should start right now.


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