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Title: Dies Irae
Author: [ profile] cashay
Artist: [ profile] reapertownusa
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Michael/Lucifer/Chuck
Rating: R
Warning: threesome (including sex), non-graphic torture
Word Count: 26.880
When Chuck finds two archangels on his living room floor he hopes more than anything that they are just drunken hallucinations. But Michael and Lucifer are very real and very pissed. As a second chance from God they got freed from the Cage, but they are rendered powerless and bound to Chuck who is less than happy about his newest responsibility.

They slowly fall into a routine and Lucifer and Michael actually seem to be able to get along - as long as Chuck is in the room. But there are already powers in Heaven who are less than happy about the two archangels who were supposed to bring about the apocalypse turning domestic.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

Art Masterpost: amazing art at reapertownusa's journal

I'm very sorry for some screwed up formating, LJ is acting up again, it was hard enough to get it to post at all.

A gigantic thank you to my beta [ profile] meh_forget_it for another last minute beta. You rock and I'd be so screwed without you :) Also you little notes always make me laugh :)

This fic would never have existed without my best friend and the presentation we had to do together for our final exams. While staying at her house my sleep deprived brain told me that Michael/Lucifer/Chuck would totally be an awesome idea xD

Also thanks for [ profile] moonofblindness who read the beginning and told me to keep going, [ profile] gsd_rtfn for helping me to get shit done and cheering me on through the long time it took to write this story and [ profile] disturbinglynic for being awesome ;)

And thank you to [ profile] synnerxx, [ profile] zekkass, [ profile] _bluebells and [ profile] ladyknightanka who only heard about this like a week ago but were so excited about the pairing it got me even more excited to be posting this :)


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