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Title: I won't call you a liar
Author: [ profile] cashay
Wordcount: 1.718 words
Pairing: Harvey/Mike pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of treatment being denied because of missing health insurance
Disclaimer: I own nothing & no one. This is a work of fiction and no part of it resembles the truth in any way.
Mike has an accident and without a health insurance it falls to Harvey to take him in and take care of him.

For [ profile] waltzmatildah who asked for a h/c fic after winning me over at [ profile] fandomaid. I hope you like it :)

"So tell me Mike, why exactly don't you have health insurance?"

Harvey's eyes were focused on his associate who was leaning against the car door, looking pathetic the way he curled around his injuries. It shouldn't make Harvey feel so guilty, or have that pang of need to make sure Mike was alright but it did. Which didn't mean Harvey didn't do his best to deny it.

"I can't afford it." Mike snapped and for a short moment Harvey wondered how he could still be so defensive while being high on pain medicine.

"Have you looked at your pay checks? You're an associate at New York's best law firm, health insurance is the least you can afford."

It would have been one of the first things he would have done with the money if he drove to work on a bike through the New York traffic every day. But apparently Mike had better things to do with his money though Harvey didn't know what. He still lived in that hellhole of an apartment and the only expensive thing Harvey had seen around him were the suits he wore to work.

"I can't afford it." Mike repeated, turning away from Harvey like a sulking teenager.

But Harvey wouldn't have it and he decided that he wasn't actually caring for Mike but just worried that he would have to go and search for a new associate if his current one ended up dying because he couldn't afford his health insurance.

"You have two choices here Mike. Either you tell me or I find it out anyway."

Mike turned around and glared at him, though it seemed that the abrupt movement had been to much for him because one hand grabbed his head while the other tried to find purchase. Without thinking about it Harvey reached out and steadied Mike, moving closer so he could help him lean against both the door and the seat again.

"How I spend my money is none of your business. So leave me alone."

For a moment Harvey considered leaving Mike alone. The kid looked horrible and ready to drop dead but then he reminded himself that he didn't do feeling pity for someone. This was his best chance to get anything out of Mike, he wasn't himself right now, his concussion, the pain medicine and the general stress of the accident making him tired and sloppy.

"It is when my associate gets in an accident and I get a call from the hospital that you have no insurance and aren't injured seriously enough that they can keep you there."

Mike had turned his back again but Harvey saw how he tensed and then how his resolve crumpled, just like that. Whatever it was that Mike had made of Harvey's words Harvey was pretty sure he would get to hear that he cared once Mike felt better.

"Grandma has a lot of debts from her medical bill and my parents debts."

Mike sounded defeated when he spoke, so much like a kicked puppy that for a moment Harvey felt a pang of guilt.

“I can barely afford the suits but I need the job so I figure it's worth it.”

And yeah, this time there was no denying that he felt guilty. The boy had no money to spare and still he bought more or less fancy suits to impress Harvey and keep the job, as if his work wasn't enough to earn him more than his right to stay – not that he would ever hear that from Harvey.

Thankfully Ray slowed down and when Harvey took a short look out of the window he realized they were at his apartment. He took the opportunity to let Mike of the hook and slid out of the car, he really didn't know how he should react to the revelation. When Mike attempted the same he nearly landed face first on the asphalt and Harvey had to hurry around the car to steady his associate.

“Easy there rookie, you've got a concussion.”

Mike mumbled something that Harvey didn't get but he didn't bother, instead steering them away towards the apartment building. Harvey had put one of Mikes arms over his shoulder and he had one of his arms curled around Mike's side, helping the young man to stay upright.

The walk into the building and to the elevator took long enough to annoy Harvey but he turned down the help of the doorman when he felt Mike tense beside him.

When they entered the glass elevator which would lead directly into Harvey's condo Harvey tried to ease Mike against the wall but his associate clung to him like his life depended on it. He turned his face and buried it in Harvey's shoulder, turning the hold Harvey had had on Mike in a rather awkward hug.

And even though Harvey Spector didn't do cuddling or hugging he couldn't bring himself to push Mike away, instead he tightened his hold, glad that Mike couldn't see the smile that surfaced when Mike sighed and relaxed against him.

Getting Mike out of the elevator and into the condo turned out to be a rather difficult task. Mike wouldn't let go of Harvey and allow him to break the hug they were having in order to get them inside. So Harvey had to resort to walking backwards slowly, pulling Mike with him.

Mike seemed to be as high as people got on a combination of painkillers and a concussion and apparently that meant that he was clingy. Under different circumstances Harvey would have laughed at him for it but he felt a bit sorry for Mike.

Of course he would never tell that to anyone, hell Mike was really the only one to blame. After all who biked to work in winter in New York and then had no health insurance.

Harvey had contemplated to just pay the damn hospital bills but Mike had looked so miserable when he begged Harvey not to because he just couldn't afford it he had caved. And he really hoped Mike wouldn't remember that.

“We're at your place. Why are we at your place?” Mike mumbled from where his head was still resting against Harvey's chest.

“The doctor told me not to leave you without supervision for the night.” Harvey told him calmly, wondering if taking Mike from the hospital had been one of his less good ideas.

“Right... I remember...” Mike looked up and grinned dopey. “I think I'm high.”

Harvey snorted and stirred Mike forward again, trying to get him towards his bedroom because as much as he would never hear the end of it he wouldn't leave Mike alone tonight.

Mike reluctantly followed Harvey's lead, still pressing close in a way Harvey would probably never let him live down but it felt kind of nice too how Mike clung to him like he was the only thing that mattered, it had been a while since he allowed anyone that close and even though he was Harvey Fucking Spector he couldn't deny that it felt good.

“You smell good.” Mike slurred and pressed his face against Harvey's pulse point.

“Okay Mikey, they have apparently given you the good stuff now move your ass to bed.”

Mike grumbled something but when Harvey continued to walk Mike walked with him, allowing them to reach Harvey's room. It would be easier for Harvey to cool Mike's head and be there if something went wrong if they both shared a bed.

Stripping Mike was harder than it should have been with a person that was stoned out of his mind. But Mike kept playing with Harvey's hair and commenting on random things like the door, the windows, the lamp or how nice Harvey's hair felt.

In Harvey's opinion they shouldn't have given Mike such strong pain killers, even if he had a broken wrist and a cracked rip, but it was hard to say if the concussion was worse than the doctor had said or if it really just were the drugs talking.

Harvey was glad the painkillers had only started to really kick in when they had already been nearly here because otherwise the way back would have been so much more frustrating.

When he finally had Mike stripped down he had a brief struggle with getting him into Harvey's own sleeping pants. They were the only ones at hand and Mike's underwear was as gross as the rest of his clothing.

“Harvey?” Mike mumbled when Harvey had managed to get him under the covers and settled in.

“Mike?” Harvey prompted doing his best to sound irritated while all he was was relieved that Mike was safe and in his bed. No stop, not his bed, just in bed, period.

“Don't leave.” Mike sounded small in that moment and Harvey found it was hard to keep up the aloof mask when Mike looked at him like a kicked puppy that had nearly been drowned.

“I'll be back in a minute.”

Mike made a hurt noise but Harvey forced himself to leave the room to go and grab a few things for Mike and get ready for bed himself. He managed to quench his guilty conscience at leaving Mike alone for just a few minutes but it was a close call.

When he came back he found Mike curled around the pillow Harvey usually slept on and it was hard not to smile and give into the weird feeling he was experiencing that weren't typical at all.

Without saying a word Harvey got into the bed, putting down everything Mike might need on the bedside table. Mike looked up from where he was hugging the pillow and scooted closer to Harvey, curling against the older man's chest.

And if Harvey hugged Mike close while taking up the ice to cool Mike's head, well no one needed to know. And if Harvey pressed a soft kiss to Mike's forehead and told him to get some sleep they would both blame it on hallucinations the next day. And if that night Harvey slept better than he did in a long while, well maybe that just meant Mike would have to stay until he had fully recovered.
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